Wednesday, June 22, 2011

flowers lots of flowers

I spilled black nail polish all over my hand tonight. It's impossible to get it all off so now my hand is tinted black sigh.  I'm such an ass sometimes.

Because of my inability to paint my nails tonight (actually I want to blame this on Sally Hansen's nail art pens...they are not as great as they seem) I didn't have time to do many creative things. I do , however have some pictures from the weekend to share.

My dad's passion in life is gardening.  Along with a pond (and 3 waterfalls) he built from scratch many years ago, he has a million different flowers in our backyard.  When we sit outside to eat dinner, it feels like we are eating in an exotic jungle.  In fact, the only time I ever see my dad sit still (aside from him sleeping in his green chair) is when he's sitting outside staring at his flowers.  If I bring people over to my parent's for the first time he always ask "did you show them my garden?". He's quite proud. Fun fact, sometimes my dad wears an old dress shirt when he's gardening. It's quite fitting since he's in a suit most of the time.

Anyway, when I was home I was able to take pictures of some of his flowers (my dad's reaction..."wow that's a fancy camera! is that a movie camera? did you take a picture of this flower? hey Heather, look at this flower, did you take a picture of this flower?").

I took a picture of this flower...then Oliver ate it:

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