Monday, September 17, 2012

Alaska Album: Always visit the Zoo

Whenever I go anywhere, I always end up at the zoo.  I don't know why, zoos are kind of the same everywhere, but I love them.  The Alaska zoo was a little different though. Not only was it vastly smaller than say, the Bronx zoo, I also liked it's goal.  The zoo was more of a conservation center than a zoo.  Most of the animals were rescues (some were hit by cars or hunters, lost wings, injured legs).  The zoo helps nurse them back to health and sometimes lets them back into the wild. Of course it also had non-Alaskan animals like..tigers.  

I took so many pictures of the animals, I didn't want to squish them all into one page.  I made this layout a two page spread. I still had the map of the zoo (of course), and then the front of the map had a blurb about the work they do.  It's a pretty simple layout.  The polar bear sticker is raised, and those types of stickers have been difficult with this type of album.  The top plastic doesn't lie flat and gets very bunchy. It's not too bad though.  I'm actually enjoying this different type of album. Expanding my horizons as they say. 

I took lots of pictures this time from all different angles. Really trying to figure out the best way to showcase the work. 

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