Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alaska: Bars and Denali Part 1

It took a long time for me to get off the couch tonight and start working. It actually took a long time for me to get out of bed this morning and go to work. I wanted to call in sick so bad but it's not really my style.  Guilty conscience and all that.  

Anyway, once I finally rallied, I ended up making two pages - and surprisingly I like them both. ::gasps:: Actually no gasps, there's only 3 people reading this blog, so probably not enough gasps for me to actually hear it over here.  

Fun Fact about me: I usually buy things and not use them until almost a year later (this does NOT include food, which I always eat right away like ravenous dog).  This happens very often with clothes and even more often with crafting materials. In this particular case, I bought these sponge paints almost two years ago now and just decided to use them tonight.  They are actually really cool. I made the rainbow design behind my first page with them.  Then I used a rub on over them to get the wording. 

The second page is my collage for Denali. Denali was the big event during the trip so it will probably stretch out quite a few pages (there might even be two full pages devoted to bear pictures, seriously...so many bear pictures). 

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