Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alaska: Camping First Night

If football was on every night, I would get so much scrapbooking done. There's something about watching the game that just gets me crafting. I think it's because crafting eases my nerves, and I get really anxious watching the Giants--even more anxious now that I started Fantasy Football.  

Tonight I did two pages. I seriously could've done more pages but I'm getting a bit tired and I feel like the pages just would've gotten progressively worse.  I like both of these pages though. They incorporate some scrapbooking techniques with the simplicity of this album.

The first page shows our camp set up in Denali as well as the Alaskan beer we drank. I patterned paper has leaves on it, to enhance the campy feel.  I used the ripping technique at the top of the page.  It's so simple to rip the edges of the page but it definitely gives it a different feel.  

The second page is about starting our fire.  The map cut out is from a leaflet I picked up about Denali at the visitor's center.  The map shows where our camp is and on top of it I pasted the information about our campgrounds (flush toilets yeaaaaa).  The pictures detail the building of the fire. I made little notes on the edges of the photos, describing the steps we took to get the fire going. 

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