Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back in Action with a Sunday Smashbook

Apologies, I've been absent for the past week. I was feeling very down on myself, grouchy and grumpy last week and I couldn't motivate to work on anything.  Half the week I was also staying at my parent's house with no crafts to partake in.  Tonight I ordered Chinese food and my fortune said "turn negativity into creativity".  I was like, "thanks fortune cookie" and started working on my much neglected Smash book. 

I admit it is not my best work but I needed something to get me started.  Tomorrow is October and October is my favorite month, so I feel a lot of creative and positive energy starting to flow into my body for this week.  Man I love the sound this keyboard makes when I type on it. Random thoughts.

Anyway, I did 4 pages in the Smashbook, 3 being from birthday celebrations.  One is just a simple cut out of things I want to do + the fortune. 

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