Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alaska Album: Hiking, Disappointing Pages and Slightly Yellowed Pictures

You win some, you lose some. Last week my creative juices were flowing like crazy but this week they've died down. This is not stopping me from creating (although maybe it should). I really want to finish my Alaska album, so I have to keep going. 

This entry is about hiking flattop mountain or what I call the scariest experience of my life.  The normally "easy" (to Alaskan) trail was still partly covered in snow. Needless to say the hike wasn't as easy as they said.  Parts of the trail were so narrow and slippery, I really thought I was about to fall to my death (in fact I almost saw a dog do just that). 

I printed out the pictures in the morning but once I started working on the pages, it just wasn't satisfying.  I'm keeping them but I hope this is the only disappointment in the album.  My new lens also didn't take such great pictures, I'll need to redo my picture set up to get used to it. 

Sorry for a dismal entry, the good news is - summer is unofficially over and that means the unofficial fall season has begun. yay. 

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