Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alaska Bike Riding Page and Musings

I've been reading a book about unlocking your creative spirit. It gives you ideas and prompts for getting started with creative projects. One of the prompts was "if you were born to produce just one type of work, what would it be?".  Probably some people would say "scrapbooking" as an answer for me, afterall most of this blog is scrapbooking, but I find this question exceptionally difficult.  I know it is hypothetical but I can't imagine sticking to one medium, and why should I?  I love the idea of learning everything.  How can you know whether a medium is right for you until you try it?  Maybe I am a great painter and I don't know it. Maybe I'm born to sew or make shoes or sculpt weird things out of clay.   

This Fall some of my goals include focusing more on collage/mixed media (taking another class in September), learning to sew and improving my photography. I also want to use my slow cooker more as the weather gets colder and learn to make soup. Yes, soup.  So I don't think I was born to produce just one type of work and I don't think anyone should limit themselves to only one type of work.  Explore more!  As my slightly creepy theology teacher in high school used to say "there's more, there's so much more."

Anyway, for now I guess I will continue on with my scrapbooking.  Another Alaska page, this one about us bike riding along the Coastal Trail.  Another guidebook map, this time I highlighted the trail with embroidery thread. My hands are covered in glue now that won't come off. 

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