Monday, August 20, 2012

Smashbook Monday: Block Party Weekend

I took the day off from work today and it is fantastic. I did...nothing.  That's what makes it fabulous.  I took two days to recover from a huge party at my parents house: our (sort of) annual block party. I say sort of because it hasn't happened in two years, but it's back and it was a success so I think it will be back again. 

This past weekend I made two large purchases:
1. I purchased another art class - DIY printmaking - September
2. I bought a portrait lens for my dslr

I'm excited for both purchases, even if they set me back a bit financially (I went grocery shopping in my parents kitchen to recoup some of the loss).  I've wanted a portrait lens for a while, the starter lens wasn't doing it for me anymore - also, its scratched.  The first art class I took was really fun and interesting and I think this one will be even better. I'm also taking it with a friend, so that adds to the fun (I sound so corny don't I).  I have the next 2 Mondays off from work, and while I am sad that summer is coming to an end, I am super pumped for Fall. It is my favorite season. Even though I'm not longer in school (thank God), it still feels like you are starting anew in Fall.  It's not quite the New Year but it will always have that feel.  

Anyway, I did do a quick smashbook page of the block party this weekend.  As I said, I'm trying to get these done as events happen so I'm not behind.  

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