Monday, August 6, 2012

Alaska Album: Started (finally)

Have you been wondering what happened in Alaska? Well, you are in luck. Tonight, after sitting on my couch with the olympics on mute, watching "breaking bad" episodes on my computer, I sat up and thought...I'm going to start my Alaska album.  I don't know where the sudden motivation came from but I'm grateful for it.

I want the Alaska album to be different from scrapbooks I've done in the past.  I want my scrapbooks to start having a real scrapbook feel - vintage elements, collages and incorporating more memorabilia.  I've been studying collage and mixed media artists and it's been inspiring. 

I did the opening page of the album tonight. I used fabric that I bought at a quilt shop in Alaska for the background (i lost my pinking shears, so the ends of the fabric are a little frayed).  I brought a folder with me to Alaska and saved every scrap of paper in it.  I used some of the cut outs from those papers - a map and the sunrise/sunset times.  I also found this children's book in my parent's house, a children's dictionary and I cut out the bear picture from it.   I'm satisfied with this page. I think the album will get increasingly better as I get better at the collage elements. 

My scanner is working again! The background elements get a little blurry because the Alaska Vacation sticker is raised:

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