Thursday, August 16, 2012

the yankees win..i think?

I went to a Yankees game last night with a group of people from work. It was really fun, although I admit, I think I watched 10% of the game. I just like drinking and talking, although beers in the stadium are $12, are you kidding me? You can't even go to a game without going broke these days. I probably watched 10% of the game. I only knew runs were being scored when everyone cheered.  

The last few weeks I got behind on my smashbook, so I'm trying to create pages as events happen.  The build up is stressful and this project is supposed to be the least stressful thing in my life right now.  So, thanks to the magic of smart phones and facebook, I was able to steal others photos from the game and print them tonight and throw together a page in 15 minutes. I still love it though.  

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