Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alaska Album: A satisfying collage

The plans i had for tonight got cancelled, so I ended up scrapbooking...and finishing up the 3rd season of Breaking Bad (Not at the same time).  

Originally I was going to design a collage without photos, just showcasing the day we spent exploring Anchorage.  Instead I added in a photo I had printed out a while ago for something else, and I actually really like the collage. The only nitpicky thing is the bottom right corner is a little empty.  I'm still getting used to scrapping in a photo album and I'm never sure how close I can get to the edge. I really feel like the book is improving as I go along though.  

A lot of times I hate a page when I first do it, and then I put it away in the album, come back to it a few days later, and I'm surprised at how good it looks.  If I could give anyone advice when scrapbooking its that if you are frustrated or the page isn't looking correct, put it away, walk away for a few hours or better yet a few days and come back to it. You'd be surprised at how your perspective changes. 

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