Thursday, January 27, 2011

Color Me Fun

My hands are covered in crayon and killing me.  No, I did not just play a game of tug o' war with a three year old, I just colored in a page from a coloring book...or a coloring book clip art page as I do not own a coloring book (wish I did).

As I've written about in previous entries (if you are a loyal reader..if not.welcome! I'm excited to have more than 1) I've been lacking for creative inspiration.  I own a book called The Crafter's Devotional by Barbara Call.  It's pretty awesome and it gives me a lot of inspirational ideas when I'm fresh out.  One of it's suggestions for overcoming creative block is to color with crayons.

So, I went online and found a website that allows me to print out a coloring page ( I printed out some celtic circles.  Luckily, because I'm sort of a weirdo, I still have crayons in a ziplock bag from when I was little...and I for some reason brought them when I moved into my new apartment.   Coloring is actually very calming.  When I was little my mom used to take me to all the PTA meetings and concerts, etc for my older brothers and all she had to do was give me a piece of paper and a crayon...I never said a word or complained. Sat quietly drawing and coloring for hours. That's exactly what I did tonight.  I colored for hours and hours. 

Here is the blank page:

And here is my completed creation:
Enough being creative for tonight....definitely time for bed!

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