Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank You Mr. President

Normally when I come home from work by the time I change, make dinner and sit down...all my energy is gone. By the time I get off the phone with my mom I find it very difficult to get off the couch.  I want to watch my tv shows and crawl into bed.  Needless to say it is very hard to keep up a crafting blog while sitting under a blanket.

Tonight, however, was different because the President was speaking. None of my shows were on.  I kept the President in the background but it's honestly not the most stimulating thing to watch so I had to find other ways to keep myself occupied.

First I "painted" my nails. Last year I paid $55 to get one of those fancy minx manicures but this year good old Sally Hanson is bringing minx to the drugstores with her new nail strips.  I bought two of them today and quickly applied it.  The ends are a little frayed but overall it turned out well..
The State of the Union was still on when my nails were completed.  Mostly because it only takes about 20 minutes tops to apply these and there's no dry time.  So still time to do some creative work...

I feel intense pressure to finish a project in one day.  A lot of my projects turn out half-assed because of my lack of patience so I'm trying to stop this...starting with my first scrapbooking page since October. 

The only steps I took tonight are printing the pictures and laying out all the materials I might need.  By the end of the week the mess below will be turned into a scrapbooking page I'm not mildly disappointed in.
Exhaustion takes over now.  Good night to my two failthful readers.

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