Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fighting SIckness And Thinking About My Next Endeavor

I didn't go out much this weekend.  That's sadly not unusual for me but I felt overwhelmingly tired ever night of the week.  Today after I went to the gym and ran some errands all of a sudden I started to not feel well.  I was coughing I felt dizzy and went back to lying on my couch.  I popped a bunch of Advil and I'm drinking tea now so hopefully I can fight it off.  I rarely get sick.  Blah.

I took off my flowerly nail polish strips.  I don't care what the box claims, they do NOT last 10 days.  They started peeling after 4...but since I bought two different patterns, I applied another round of the strips.  This time they were houndstooth.  I'm pretty sure that on a good day, I could do this pattern myself with my nail art pen, but it still looks cool.
This week I'm not sure what my next project will be.  I have all of these old postcards that I bought at a flea market (picture below), but I don't know how to use them!  I loved the pictures and at the time I was thinking of making a mixed media art collage..but I don't even know where to start.  I'm afraid of using them, messing up and wasting them.  That's actually how I feel about all my crafting equipment, hence, the reason the good shit never gets used.  I'm trying to get over it.  I spent so much money on it, I need to use it!! 

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